Dennis Dixon = Aaron Rodgers. Very good quarterback with the luxury of developing the way QB's used to back in the day - by sitting the bench and waiting their turn, devoid of the pressure of being the annointed savior who has to step in and win NOW or be classified as a colossal bust before they turn 24.

Add in a very good team around him to help, and I expect that just as we stayed with the Rats in Baltimore week 11 last year, we'll be able to play with just about anybody in the league with Dixon at QB next year... at least by December and January, when a team needs to be peaking.

This season presents a unique opportunity to rid the franchise of what is quickly becoming an enormous black eye and potential liability both competitively and financially in Ben and his immaturity without any cap repercussions. The player we need to replace him is, I believe, already on the roster. I think there's a decent chance (say, 1 in 5) that Ben isn't a Steeler by the start of the season. I think it goes closer to 50/50 if he's charged, based on the perfect storm of circumstances with the capless year, already groomed replacement, and team ready to win now and possibly ready to move on.