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Best time of the year.
I agree. The period leading up to the draft is the most fun on a message board. Do research. Look to the future. Learn about potential new Steelers. Etc.

I prefer this time over the regular season whn the board become populated with the "know it alls" who could coach better or play better based upon their high school JV resumes or just the "haters" who roll out their same rehashed criticisms and agendas everytime there is a stumble.
You prefer this to actual football? If you enjoyed learning about potential Steelers you'd realize Spiller shouldn't be one. :P

Your mock draft is excellent, well thought out and worthy of praise. :P

I prefer actual football over the off season just like spring over winter. I recognize the regular season ends but football doesn't so this is just a new phase.

From a message board perspective I absolutely prefer this time of year through the end of trainingcamp over the regular season. That period is about optimism, speculation and hope for the future.

This board during the regular season becomes alot about know it alls but have never beens spouting their criticisms and "expertise" and telling us all what the professionals do wrong and how they would do better. The "haters" crawl out from under their rocks during the regular season everytime there is a stumble and rehash their same old condemnations over and over. This time of the year, many of the "haters" vanish and we actually get good discussion.

BTW Spiller should absolutely be a Steeler for the many reasons I have so eloquently articulated.
Yeah...I certainly enjoy the regular season more than the off-season (seems pretty obvious, right?) but from a message board perspective, too often during the regular season, after a win, we are the best team of all time, and anyone that would even consider Manning, Brady, Brees over Roethlisberger is a fool, and after a loss, we are the worst team of all time, and everyone from coaches, front office, and players should be fired before the last fan leaves the stadium. Such consistent overreaction from people that otherwise are levelheaded folks can get a bit old at times.