Here you go:

Rd 1: Jared Odrick, DT, 65 305lbs, Penn State
Rationale: DL set for next 5-7 years

Rd 2: Brandon Spikes, ILB, 63 250lbs, Florida
Rationale: Learn for a year behind Farrior. Solid performer for years in toughest conference in the country

Rd 3: Ben Tate, RB, Auburn, 511 220lbs, Auburn
Rationale: Legit #2 which we lack on roster

Rd 4: Amari Spievey, CB, 511 185lbs, Iowa
Rationale: Good CB with time to develop and challenge current CBs

Rd 5a: AJ Edds, OLB, 64, 246lbs, Iowa
Rationale: Depth at OLB which is non existenton current roster

Rd 5b: Zac Robinson, QB, 63 214lbs, Ok St
Rationale: The Ben insurance policy

Rd 5c: Joe Webb, WR, 63 223lbs, UAB
Rationale: The Santonio insurance policy plus Steelers were one of four teams at his Pro Day watching him.

Rd 6: Barry Church, S, 62 222lbs, Toledo
Rationale: Depth at Safety and Special teamer

Rd 7a: Eric Cook, C, 66 318lbs, New Mexico
Rationale: Competition at Center, but has time to develop under Kugler

Rd 7b: Daryl Clark, QB/RB, 62 235lbs, Penn State
Rationale: Good "slash" player who could be back up passer, rusher and special teams on game day. Lots of flexibility.

*Disclaimer: IF Spiller is still on the board at #18 when we select, he becomes the pick. I just think he will be gone several picks before we go although I hope for a Mendenhall situation.