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Thread: Everybody Else is Doing it Part 3....

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    Re: Everybody Else is Doing it Part 3....

    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman
    So, a quick re-cap..

    Round 1- OG Mike Iaputa
    Round 2- CB Kareem Jackson
    Round 3- ILB Sean Lee
    Round 4- NT Linval Joseph
    Round 5a- DE Corey Peters
    Round 5b- RB Lonyae Miller
    Round 5c- FB John Conner
    Round 6- OLB O'Brien Schofield
    Round 7a- OLB Adrian Tracy
    Round 7b- FS Darian Stewart
    IMO, Linval Joseph is not a good NT prospect. I watched him play a few times this season. I think he'd be a good 3-4 DE. He is tall with really skinny legs. He does not get low enough or have enough lower body strength/mass to survive the double team inside against shorter players with lower centers of gravity. He will be effective as a 3-4 DE because he has good athletcism, mass, and long arms to keep athletic, taller tackles and TEs at bay. He could be a player that could play both 3-4 DE and be an emergency NT. I just don't think he is a natural NT.

    I like the Shofield and Tracy picks. We need to improve our OLB/pass rushing depth. I really haven't been impressed with Sean Lee post knee injury. If the explosiveness comes back, I'd be more interested.

    I am not as opposed to Iupati as many are. I think he will develop into a very good pro run blocker who can hold his own in pass pro. But, he is a bit of a project and he is not very smart.
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    Re: Everybody Else is Doing it Part 3....

    I am thinking about changing my board name to Pounceyman. The only interior OL I want the Steelers to draft in round 1 is Pouncey. I see him moving up Mock draft boards now. He would be a 10 year starter for the Steelers. You could play him at RG for a year if Urbik can't play and then move him to center in 2011.

    Also, I would still like to see the Steelers take a safety in round 2. There are several good safeties available and I would hate to see the team pass because they are bringing Clark. I could see the Steelers targeting some of the guys you mentioned in later rounds.
    The Steelers’ went through seven consecutive drafts (2003-09) without taking an offensive lineman in the first two rounds, the longest such streak by any franchise this century.

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    Re: Everybody Else is Doing it Part 3....

    Damn it Chadman you caught me. I didn't read all of the fine print. Shame on me.
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