Given the 'excitement' of the last few days, Chadman feels it is an ideal time to update his ever changing mock draft.

This time around there are a few more considerations-

1. The Steelers, by signing both Ryan Clark & Will Allen, look to have taken away the 'need' to draft a Safety. Not saying they WON'T draft one, but they certainly won't take one without considering other options.

2. Pretty good bet to remove WR all together at this point after adding 2 more in Arnaz Battle & Antwaan Randle El.

3. Jon Scott takes away the need to use a mid-round choice on a 'back-up' OT. Unless the Steelers are looking at a starting OT early, might remove OT all together.

4. CHARACTER. Given the developments with Ben & possibly Santonio, here's betting the Steelers won't look to add too many question marks.

5. Compensatory picks- using the projected extra 2 5th round picks & the extra 7th really gives the Steelers plenty of options in the draft. It's too hard to predict trades, so Chadman will assume the Steelers use all 10 picks at this point. (In reality, Chadman will expect some moving up & down & the Steelers might actually use closer to 6 picks).

Now, on with the show...