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Starkey's right.

We've sanctimoniously made fun of the Ravens and the Bengals, and asserted that our Steelers stood on some kind of morally higher ground.

Now it seems that every few months, I have to explain to my young son why one of our players is in trouble with the law.

It's obvious what image Ben wants to project. That t-shirt he was wearing says it all.

If that is the image the team wants to project now, so be it. There won't be any more of their tickets or merchandise bought by this family.
The fans are the ones that project this morality and superiority. But not all fans. I don't do that because I know it's just a matter of time before it comes back to haunt you.
I don't claim to be perfect, by any means. But I'm trying to raise kids...I certainly don't want my son to get the idea that it's OK to vandalize convenience store bathrooms, or
slap women around, or commit anything that comes close to sexual assault. I will do my part to teach him right from wrong, but at the same time, I recognize the powerful influence of his sports heroes.

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As for his shirt, it's just a fscking shirt.
C'mon...it wasn't Halloween...or some kind of costume party. What you choose to wear in public makes a statement about how you want to represent yourself.