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The accusation is SEXUAL ASSAULT, not ASSAULT.

So, unless he 'forced' her and in the process she hurt her head, the bump on the head should be incidental.

So, let's say she has a bump or scratch on her head (Ben's got to think along those lines if he claims she fell), how do you prove that the wound is a result of the sexual assault?

Ben's lawyers comments about 'sexual manipulation' makes more sense here-

Ben most likely recieved a BJ from said unnamed accuser. If Ben had repeatedly supplied her with drinks, can that be 'sexual manipulation'? Or did he promise her a life less ordinary? If no blood alcohol test was performed on her (remember Woodrow Blue said he had no idea if it had), can they prove she was drunk? Probably not. If Ben offered her the world in exchange for 'relations', can that be proven?

Starting to wonder now if she just never consented to swallowing...
I think that is a very plausible scenario given the "sexual manipulation" thing. She gives him a blowie in the bathroom and gets her feelings hurt somehow, and now she screams foul. I like that scenario much better than Ben being a borderline rapist.