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I like rushing to judgment. This is the second time... there is nothing wrong with discussing judgment when its a second time.

Obviously...to the liking to rush to judgement comment

I questioned Ben in the first accusation as well because it's a Hotel employee. You would think after Kobe athletes would learn. Does a guy really think he can bang a hotel employee when he makes millions and just go back to sleep? How many people on this board have gone to a hotel, post office, restaurant or movie theatre and knocked off an employee?

Kobe was married...Ben wasn't. And in my single days...I would have seen no issue with going to any of those places to find a woman. Maybe I'm just a pervert.

Telling people to wait on the facts is like telling people to wait for the draft and stop throwing up mock drafts.

Telling people to wait on facts is the adult thing to do. To do what many are doing...judging without fact is something tabloids do. It's certainly not fan like. It's definitely not masculine. Y'all sound like a bunch of gossipy hens to me.
It's a comment board, You are on here too you know?

The adult things to do? That one is too easy....
I'm not saying a "comment board" is juvenille. I'm saying gossiping like women is. Generally, men wait for facts about situations...well at least the men I know and hang out with.