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Thread: Rolando McClain has Crohn's Disease...

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    Rolando McClain has Crohn's Disease...

    Tide’s McClain says he has Crohn’s Disease
    By Ken Rogers

    Published: March 10, 2010

    TUSCALOOSA — With all they’ve accomplished and as much as they have been dissected the past three, four or five seasons, Alabama’s departing players unveiled a few surprises at the Crimson Tide’s Pro Day.

    All-American linebacker Rolando McClain revealed he has Crohn’s Disease.

    McClain’s disclosure came as he explained his apparent exhaustion after Cincinnati Bengals coach Jeff Fitzgerald worked out the certain first-round draft pick and teammates Eryk Anders and Cory Reamer.

    And All-American nose tackle Terrence Cody checked in under 350 pounds. Cody was criticized after weighing in at the Senior Bowl in January at 370 pounds. Many scouts and NFL watchers questioned his commitment.

    Cody showed up at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis at 354 pounds. Wednesday, we weighed 348.

    Check back later for a complete story from Alabama’s Pro Day workouts.

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    Re: Rolando McClain has Crohn's Disease...

    I have a friend who suffers from this disease. He has learned to manage it, but it hasn't been easy.

    I still like McClain very much as a player. I wish him the best (especially if he ends up a Steelers).
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    Re: Rolando McClain has Crohn's Disease...

    Since he was diagnosed with it when he was in the 9th grade, he has learned how to play with it, never missing a game because of the disorder during his high school and college career. So that gives him a leg up on David Garrard, who also has Chron's disease. Garrard was drafted by the Jaguars in 2002, and wasn't diagnosed with Chron's until 2004. Even though Garrard needed to have 12 inches of intestine removed that year, he was still able to play during the 2004 season (earning the Ed Block Courage Award). It doesn't seem to have slowed Garrard down any, and he was caught off guard by it and needed surgery. McClain has dealt with it for a long time, and has already learned how to manage it. If he were available at #18, this news would not dissuade me from drafting him.

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