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Thread: Question for the board elders

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    Re: Question for the board elders

    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel
    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerNation1
    I hope its not true about Holmes, but I would've never posted it if I didn't trust the source.

    i really like Santonio Holmes a lot, hope your source is wrong.

    i have all of Santonio's rookie cards, would hate to see them go down in value...
    I have two Holmes jerseys. I'm hoping like hell he's mistaken, but I don't think that's the case.
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    Re: Question for the board elders

    Yeah...I'm hoping for the best.
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    Re: Question for the board elders

    I would like to believe that the Art Rooney Sr. would have kept the franchise clean of players that don't live up to a certain moral standard, but truth be told, Lynn Swann was in trouble in college before they drafted him, Ernie Arrowhead Holmes had run ins with the police, and rumor has it , was put in an asylum during the week, and let out for games, and Lambert was known to be a bad a$$ off the field as well as on. And although steroids were not illegal at the time, many players were using them and probably other drugs as well, most notably Joe Gilliam.

    The difference is the media coverage nowadays. Most local sports writers would never write bad publicity articles about the teams they covered, because they would get blackballed, and they were the only people covering the local teams. Now sports have grown into multibillion dollar entertainment machines, and they are covered as entertainment, human interest, financial as well as local sports news.

    We would alll like to think that the Ronneys held their players to a higher moral standard, but in reality Art Sr. was a gambler, and he loved his players, and there wasn't alot of media coverage when players broke the law. So I am not sure how these things would have been handled back in the day, but at the same time you probably wouldn't know about them either because they werent made public.

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    Re: Question for the board elders

    We've had some of the craziest of crazies back in the day....Ernie Holmes, Gene Lipscombe, Bobby Layne, etc.

    Alcohol and drugs have been around the NFL forever, we just hear more stories given the modern media.

    We're not making examples out of star players. But every once in a while we'll cut a Cedrick Wilson to create the appearance of ethics.

    I think the class has to do with the way the Steelers ownership cares about the integrity of the game and business as highly as they do the players and making money.

    We've had problem players and taken chances on guys. We do tend to shy away from problem players in general, but we also show loyalty to our guys once we have them.

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    Re: Question for the board elders

    By any chance, was Santonio accused of smoking weed by an under-age girl at a bar? :P

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    Re: Question for the board elders

    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerNation1
    I hope its not true about Holmes, but I would've never posted it if I didn't trust the source.
    Can you at least tell us if this source is a friend of Santonio, from the media, or works within the Steelers organization?
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