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Thread: Attorneys For Ben's Accuser "Urge Restraint"

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    Re: Attorneys For Ben's Accuser "Urge Restraint"

    Hey new guy - you should know, questioning the judgement of the Steelers franchise QB means you might as well start wearing a Cowboys or Browns jersey. How could a sane person even consider he might not have been in the best of positions? It was his wise decision making skills that have him being looked at for sexual assault. Shame on you...

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    Re: Attorneys For Ben's Accuser "Urge Restraint"

    Quote Originally Posted by spyboots
    First off, witnesses say he was not drinking very much -- seen either not drinking or nursing a beer.

    Second, the moment this news came out, my first thought was that this is a person who knew of the Las Vegas incident and decided that she would take advantage of Ben but do it much differently. Consent to have sex but then cry rape but go about it a different way -- reporting it to the authorities, going to the hospital, having her "witnesses" ready, hiring a lawyer so she can sue for big bucks.

    He was riipe for the pickin'! I hope Colon and his bodyguards can vouch for him.

    Also, the fact that they say she had "no knowledge" of his lawsuit in Vegas. Yeah, right!
    When I celebrate a friends birthday we usually start drinking before we go out. Ben seems cheap/frugal like that.

    I also heard they were ordering shots in the VIP lounge...

    Even if Ben was nursing a beer all night.. if she was sloppy drunk it makes Ben look like a villain getting a 20 year old boozed to get his freak on.

    College chicks tend to be very fanatic with sexual assault. i wouldn't be surprised if her friends have the steps of reporting this written on their dorm rooms. There is always an annoying c#ck blocking chick who see's every glare, joke and hand movement as an assault against women everywhere. They go into robo fem mode when a girl cries assault.

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    Re: Attorneys For Ben's Accuser "Urge Restraint"

    I hold nothing against ben for hooking up with 20 year olds. as long as they're 18+ i could care less. I think he's gotta be smarter when it comes to going out though. this is about as obvious of a money scam as I've seen. She doesn't tell his name to authorities but his height and weight? she shoulda given us his 40 time while she was at it.
    man Ya'll would hate hanging out with me. I dont think I've knocked boots with a chick within 5 years of my age since i was 23. I can't stand women my age. they all act like they're half dead.


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