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Thread: More bad news re: Holmes

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    Re: More bad news re: Holmes

    Are positive tests not announced until a later date or what?

    I wasn't trying to insinuate that the players weren't tested in the offseason, was just asking.

    When could we expect this to be announced if indeed true?

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    Re: More bad news re: Holmes


    BTW...check out the time shown in the image of the ipod touch on the right of the screen on his website.....

    4:20 dudes!

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    Re: More bad news re: Holmes

    Quote Originally Posted by Jigawatts
    I know SN1 is a degenerate gambler and a face painter, but I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't
    post this "rumor" about Holmes unless he trusted the source. Given Holme's past, I'm willing
    to give SN1 the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    Hopefully the source is wrong, or maybe since there's been no official announcement the
    final decision on the suspension hasn't been made, or maybe they're waiting until camp to
    make an announcement.

    I just hope we can all get back to gambling and face painting soon. This off season is
    turning into the Simpsons "Homer At Bat" episode.

    NFL player locker room talk: Discussing what can be done about racial inequality and criminal justice reform.

    Presidential locker room talk: Discussing involuntary gynecological exams.

    According to the highest office in the country, some "very fine people" marched with torches in a violent protest in Charlottesville, but participating in a non-violent protest on a football field means you are an S.O.B. who should be fired.


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