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Are the Steelers really all that better off than last season after these signings? None of them change the dynamic of what they still need.
That's exactly right it gives them depth in case of injury. Their needs are still exactly where they were prior to making these signings and I'm still hoping for Earl thomas to make it to 1.18. He provides value and versatility both things that the current Steeler management love.

The Steelers are better off in the fact that Tyrone Carter and Ryan Mundy aren't the options if Troy gets hurt. I believe El to be better than whoever was #4 last year and if something does happen with Holmes (legally) then Ward, Wallace and El still give the Steelers a nice passing game threat.

I'd like to see a real backup RB get signed then they won't be tempted if Spiller happens to fall to 1.18 (just for you Oviedo :P )

Nice to know you are always thinking about me.

Instead of "Hail Mary's" you can start with CJ! CJ! CJ! CJ! That is what we will hear at Heinz Field after he takes back his first 50+ yard return.
Yea, it will probably be for the opponent. :P