All Chadman will say about Sweed is this- this is what happens when coaches listen to a key player's desires, instead of putting together their own plans.

The Steelers WERE ALWAYS going to grab a BIG WR after Ben said he 'needed' one.

It didn't matter who the BIG WR was, just so long as he was BIG & Ben could throw to him in double coverage, off the back foot, eyes closed & with a coed hanging off one arm.

At the time Chadman & a few others said this was fraught with danger- that it was allowing Ben to play recklessly, and it would retard his development.

Well, the BIG WR hasn't helped Ben one bit. in fact, the 6'00" WR did a much better job of helping Ben out.

Oh, also the guy that Chadman said was a much better 6'5" + target- Heath Miller.