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Thread: What was Ben Roethlisberger thinking?!

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    Re: What was Ben Roethlisberger thinking?!

    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel
    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz
    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman
    Ben, James Harrison, Jerome Bettis, Bam Morris, Jason Gildon, Jeff Reed, Matt Speath, Plaxico, Santonio....etc...

    Maybe, just maybe, we need to readjust our moral code stance in relation to other teams in the NFL?
    but it's so much fun to talk about other teams felons and ignore our own.

    way more fun...

    and yeah, Ray-Ray is still a murderer!

    Ratbird suck... but I hope Ray Rays lawyer doesn't!!!

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    Re: What was Ben Roethlisberger thinking?!

    Quote Originally Posted by JTP53609
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzer8
    Quote Originally Posted by JTP53609
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzer8
    Quote Originally Posted by JTP53609
    ben was thinking that he wanted to get laid, and through that whether he assaulted someone or not, he has embarassed the steelers
    Oh will we ever recover as a franchise?
    yea I am not surprised that you really dont care about embrassment...
    What is there to be embarrassed about? Do you know Ben? Are you related to him? Are you responsible for the Steelers drafting him? Are you Ben?

    Get the idea?

    I am not embarassed for the individual but it puts a black eye on the organization, whether he did it or not, he has put himself in this position. I used to laugh at organizations like the raiders, cowboys, bengals etc. signing ex convits and having drama follow them all the time, now it is happening to the steelers the past 3 offseasons, between ben this and last year, and harrison the year before that. I know you and a few other people could care less and think that it does not matter just as long as he produces on the field, but I want a team that is run right and stays out of trouble, (not even mentioning jeff reed)...we have no room to laugh at the bengals now or any other team..
    get MY idea?

    - so do the folks who make Big Ben Beef Jerky:

    Big Ben Beef Jerky could go bye-bye

    Posted by Mike Florio on March 9, 2010

    Though the full impact of a second sexual assault allegation against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisbeger remains to be determined, one of his sponsors is getting nervous.

    Michael McCarthy of USA Today reports that the folks who make "Big Ben Beef Jerky" have spoken out regarding the latest development.

    "It's just very concerning," PLB Sports president and CEO Ty Ballou told McCarthy. ""Ben is a single guy. He has every right to be out doing what he's doing. But when you're the quarterback of any team, especially the Steelers, you have to take extra measures. . . . Obviously, this is very concerning for all parties. This is the second time this has come out. . . .

    "It's troubling," Ballou added. "You want the offseason to be quiet. You have to put yourself in a good positions. And Ben unfortunately hasn't. You even go back to the motorcycle accident. Whatever happened down there [in Georgia], I hope this will truly be the last time something like this happens. Ben's a good person. He does a lot for charity. But for his career, his fans and his family, you have to make good decisions."

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    Re: What was Ben Roethlisberger thinking?!

    [quote=stlrz d]
    Quote Originally Posted by "California-Steel":1756xhfj
    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel
    this all depends on whether you think Big Ben or Little Ben was doing the thinking...

    when i was 28, i'm not sure my big head was doing the thinking at all times either.
    It doesn't matter what we think. All that matters is that Ben is a target and he must use restraint no matter how much his hormones pop. 18, 28, 108 does not matter. I am sure you did not have a job for a company getting paid $100 mill at 28 either.

    Even 50 year old senators do dumb things and get caught and pay the price. Age matters not. Just ask John Edwards and a host of other political leaders.

    Ben got a second chance and blew it, innocent or not.
    How many of those political leaders were single when they got caught?[/quote:1756xhfj]I wasn't comparing the status of them but the age. I was letting the OP know that even old guys think with their little heads too.
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    Re: What was Ben Roethlisberger thinking?!

    what about just "big ben jerky"

    that seems like it could be a big seller

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    Re: What was Ben Roethlisberger thinking?!

    Roethlisberger's hometown looks for facts

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    FINDLAY, Ohio A tree-lined street leads into the city that is tucked in the northwest corner of the state. It yields no clues that this is the childhood home of a quarterback who won a pair of Super Bowls before his 27th birthday.

    The one place in the veritable portrait of middle class America that qualifies as a public shrine to Ben Roethlisberger is Tony's Restaurant & Pub. On a wall leading into the popular eatery that sells the "Big Ben Burger" is a framed Steelers jersey signed by Roethlisberger. Also hanging from the wall is a collage of pictures, several of which were taken in 2004 before Roethlisberger set an NFL record by winning his first 13 starts.

    Roethlisberger sports closely cropped hair and a lean physique in those photos. The clean-cut, All-American look is at odds with the image that has emerged following the second sexual assault accusation brought against Roethlisberger in the past nine months.

    "What he's really guilty of is making some bad decisions," said Tony Iriti, who coached Roethlisberger in football and baseball growing up and now lives in Roethlisberger's old house. "It's really tough because I know Ben. To hear these kinds of accusations ..."

    The latest one came last week following a night of bar-hopping in a Georgia college town, not far from where Roethlisberger owns an offseason home. The investigation could lead to criminal charges and comes while a civil suit filed last July against Roethlisberger in Nevada is still pending.

    What hasn't taken place in Findlay Roethlisberger moved here with his parents while still in grade school and became a three-sport star is a rush to judgment, Iriti said.

    The town's muted response may best be reflected in The Courier, Findlay's newspaper. A day after law enforcement officials in Milledgeville, Ga., announced they would continue to investigate the alleged incident, The Courier ran the story on the front page of its sports section.

    Wednesday, the newspaper didn't carry any new developments in the Roethlisberger story.

    "Here, people don't talk about it," said Iriti, who served one term as Findlay's mayor starting in 2004. "People here have very strong faith. Wait until all of the facts come out."

    That is not to say the subject has been taboo here.

    Dick Hipsher, a lifelong Findlay resident, said he and his morning coffee friends have talked about Roethlisberger's situation. The sentiment among the group is not much different than in Pittsburgh most at least agree that Roethlisberger has too much to lose to put himself in situations that can cost him everything.

    "I said: 'You know when you see this happen, I consider it a lack of intelligence,' " said Hipsher, a retired purchaser.

    Ask people who know Roethlisberger here, and they'll tell you he is an unrelenting competitor. They'll also talk about how Roethlisberger and his sister, Carlee, were raised right by their parents Ken and Brenda. Ken played college football at Georgia Tech but was the antithesis of the Little League parent.

    He often watched Ben's baseball games from the outfield, friends say, so he could stay in the background.

    There also are stories, just as in Pittsburgh, about two sides of Roethlisberger.

    In November, Roethlisberger donated signed items for a fundraiser held for a Findlay man who has since died of pancreatic cancer. Roethlisberger also stages an annual celebrity basketball game at Findlay High School there doesn't seem to be a lot of optimism that it will happen this year with proceeds going to the athletic department.

    Roethlisberger's foundation is a part of an initiative to build a complex with four practice fields and a locker room for Findlay's youth football program.

    "He's a good kid," Iriti said.

    Iriti is still close friends with the Roethlisbergers; his son and Ben Roethlisberger went to Miami (Ohio) on football scholarships.

    Findlay, which carries itself with a small-town sensibility and actually has a restaurant named "Mom and Pop's," doesn't offer much refuse from the fame that trails Roethlisberger as closely as his shadow.

    When Roethlisberger is back in Findlay and he goes to Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, assistant manager Tim Bethel said the place fills up as soon as word spreads that he is there. The same is true of Tony's, which sells the hamburgers named in Roethlisberger's honor and consist of two large meat patties, lettuce, tomatoes and the house barbecue sauce. Cheese comes with the burger for an extra seven cents.

    Connie Tagliapietra, an assistant manager at Tony's, said Roethlisberger is good about signing for fans when he's at the restaurant.

    Tagliapietra's brother in law, Tom Brown, owns Tony's. The restaurant has catered private parties Roethlisberger has hosted in Pittsburgh.

    "I really like him," said Tagliapietra, who has known Roethlisberger since he was in high school.

    Tagliapietra said she tunes out any talk she hears about Roethlisberger's latest troubles. Bethel hopes that Roethlisberger learns from them.

    "When you are in his situation, there's a time to go home," said Bethel, adding that Roethlisberger has never been a problem when he has visited Buffalo Wild Wings. "When you're famous, you've just go to know when to call it quits. Maybe he needs to grow up a little bit and deal with his fame in other ways."


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