I think it's hilarious how hypocritical most NFL fans are.Not all , but most.


This response , besides the horrible grammar , is the most hypocritical , homer statement I might have ever read.

RE: Big Ben hires Ray Lewis' attorney


Ray Lewis never killed anyone, but people still call him a murder. I think its fair to call Roethlisbeger a rapist, weather or not he actually is.

For those of you thinking these girls are just 'gold-diggers', consider this. His first victim did not want any personal financial gain. She wanted Roethlisbeger to make a small donation (small on his scale) to some rape victims awareness group (I don't remember exactly what it was). All the woman wanted in return was an apology. Roethlisbeger refused. I don't know what happened in that case after that.

Now there are two cases?