Place the worst mock drafts, by actual websites and not just MB users, for the Steelers you see in here. Here is the worst I have seen by far......(figure this might give some reprieve to the Ben chatter).....


Round 1 - TE Jermaine Gresham - Oklahoma
Round 2 - CB Devin McCourty - Rutgers
Round 3 - RB Anthony Dixon - Mississippi State
Round 4 - OT Kyle Calloway - Iowa
Round 5 - TE Dennis Pitta - BYU
Round 5 - S Robert Johnson - Utah
Round 6 - QB Sean Canfield - Oregon State
Round 6 - OT Caz Piurowski - Florida State
Round 7 - DE Lindsay Witten - Connecticut

If the Steelers came away in what has been hailed as a very deep draft for defensive players with this....I would call for Colbert to be fired for sure. Two TE's including a first rounder????