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Thread: Interesting stat?

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    Interesting stat?

    "Only 2% of all football fans actually go to games."

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    Re: Interesting stat?

    I fall into the 98% that doesnt go to games. I went to the 41-0 game in Cleveland a few years back and thats the only game I've ever been to. It's too tough now with three 3 year olds but that game was a blast. Despite the punishment I took tailgating in Cleveland in my steeler gear.

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    Re: Interesting stat?

    Been to three Steelers games in my lifetime. Just can't afford to spring for 6 tiks on a regular basis.

    BTW, this just shows it is really television that drives the value of the league. Actually, the Networks are pretty stupid, they got it backwards. The should demand the NFL pay THEM to air the games. Without TV, the value of an NFL franchise drops in half, maybe less.


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