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Now if they pick up another physical receiver via the Draft to further compliment their power ground game,......how do we think a Drafting a smallish cornerback sized cover S in the first round is going "to hold water" even in our own division. (Let alone deep into the playoffs)
So what do you think the Steelers should do?
Draft Taylor and bring Darren Sharper in for a season or two,..while he (Mays) gets up to speed at both strong and free.

Or Select Kyle Wilson in the 1st and Nate Allen in rnd 2,.. while still bringing in sharper to ease the rook's (Allen) transition.

Either way,.. i have to just say NO to the tiny Big 12 "Ballhawk" that is Earl Thomas. Not that the kid is a bum by any means,....but i do not see him flourishing in our defense. He is simply not physical enough and almost a liability against the run.