Wow, Big Max had something to say about keeping a defensive player?

Chadman bets Mike Tomlin was all ears.

People who are lauding the options of Leigh Bodden & Darren Sharper are, Chadman suspects, a little caught up in 'the big name factor'.

Bodden looked good at the Patriots, where he was surrounded by good talent. But he looked rubbish at the Lions, where he had little talent around him. What does this say about Bodden? Well, for Chadman, he's another Ryan Clark- looks a heck of a lot better than he actually is if you put enough good players around him. In other words, if you are going to pay him $4 million upwards- you are over paying.

Sharper is 97 years old. We all just complained about the dramatic drop-off in James Farrior's play, one year to the next. You want to gamble that it doesn't happen to Sharper? Better yet, you want to combine Sharper & Farrior on the same field?

Will Allen, who the Steelers are reportedly bringing in for a chat, is about a third of the 'value', contract wise, of Darren Sharper. And about half the age. And has played in a Mike Tomlin run defense before. As a stop gap FS until a rookie is ready to step in- makes sense.

And the Steelers drafted 2 CB's last season, have Ike on the books &, despite his struggles, William Gay is still an ascending player. He wouldn't be the first CB to get burned in his first full year of starting, and he won't be the last. Should the Steelers upgrade? Sure. But $4 million plus upgrade on a guy not as good as Ike? If Tomlin & Co don't feel Gay, Burnett or Lewis are ready to be #2 CB, then you draft your #2 CB this year, early. Cheaper option than grabbing the somewhat above average FA.

Put it this way- would you rather pay $4 million plus on Bodden & upwards of $2 million on Sharper, OR, would you rather draft a Patrick Robinson in Round 1 & a TJ Ward in Round 3? Or Taylor Mays in Round 1 & Amari Spievey in Round 3?

What's the better option?