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yes. it is. i meant to quote djfan. sorry.

I'll take the intended quote.

I have long said that you all know more than me on the salaries, etc., but I thought Sweed made a lot more than that. If not, I guess I understand.

It just irks that guys like Wallace get lesser money (now I'm not sure if that's true) and produce, while some monied guys contribute nothing.
Rookie salaries are essentially slotted based on draft positon (actually, the signing bonus is based on draft position...rookies tend to make minimum yearly salaries). So, yes, a 3rd rounder like Wallace makes less than a 2nd rounder like Sweed, regardless of actual on-field production. And a 2nd rounder like Woodley makes less than a 1st rounder like Timmons, even though Woodley made a Pro Bowl and Timmons is not on that level. The first 4 years of a player's career is basically an audition to determine how much they can get in the all-important second contract. In the mean time, all of the guys working on their initial rookie contract are considered to be cheap labor by comparison to the vast majority of their veteran counterparts.