I suppose this sends some signals that our starting right tackle wasn't too thrilled with his one year deal that he received...or is this just delusional thinking on the part of his agent? Thoughts?

PFT: Colon's agent hopes to catch a whiff of a trade

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on March 3, 2010 10:23 AM ET
We noted yesterday that it wouldn't be that crazy for a team to consider giving up a first-round pick to sign restricted free agent Willie Colon away from the Steelers.

Colon's agent, Joe Linta, unsurprisingly agrees.

"We really don't know if he fits in their [long-term] plans," Linta told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "If you have the fifteenth pick and you need a starting offensive lineman, why wouldn't you do it [make a trade]? You hope your draft pick is good. With Willie, you know what you're getting."

Linta calls Colon the best young right tackle in football. While that notion may seem a little wacky, he's got some numbers to back it up.

We don't expect Colon to sign an offer sheet elsewhere, but he's one of the few quality restricted free agent quality starters that could legitimately draw interest.