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Just racking my rapidly aging mind to try to get some insights into what we might anticipate from Colbert et al based on history.

1. They seem to take the highest rated player available on their board regardless of position and don't focus on "perceived "positions of need with the Round 1 pick but they seem to in Rounds 2 and 3.
2. Two of the past three years they took 20 year old underclassmen.
3. They don't take OL in Round 1 or at least have not in a very long time (2002, Kendall Simmons). If you remeber Colbert's end of season interview he went out of his way to detail they OL they have and the rounds drafted and they won a Super Bowl without a Round 1 pick.
4. Over the past 10 drafts they have taken 6 offensive players and 4 defensive players. Not enough of a difference to conclude a preference.

So what does this tell us? Expect to be surprised on the the first night of the draft.
I think you are on to something....not sure what, but something.

BPA, in the Steelers eyes, at #18 will be the next Steeler. Unless, of course, they move up to get someone, like they did for Troy.

Now I'm really confused........I liked my idea of the draft before I read this post...thanks a lot.