I would love to see everyone's list of guys they would love to have and the guys they think will bust out of the league or don't fit our system/needs.

Thomas...my favorite of this upcoming talent...does everything well. Can play any position in the secondary.

Mays...4.43 40? Im not crazy about his coverage skills but the dude would be unstoppable around the LOS and could help us keep Troy healthy.

Odrick...the guy will be a beast at the next level. Pro Bowler by year 3.

Cody...I know I'm one of the few that like the guy...but I look past man boobs and look at the fact that Alabama had the best run D in the country. He made everyone around him look better. He will outweigh most NFL centers by 30-50 pounds. He won't rush the QB but he disrupts lanes and commands double teams. I don't care if he runs a 7.0 40...the guy is legit. He is the best run stop NT in the country.

Williams...another solid pick. I'm not sure we need a NT this high now with the Hampton signing but he is a solid pick.

Weatherspoon...I'm a fan...can do it all...tackling machine...good in coverage...think a better version of Timmons.

Jake Ballard TE...I think the Spaeth project is over. If you want the next Heath Miller...look no further than the most impressive TE you have never heard about.

Gerhart...I love this kid. He is the epitome of BnG. I really believe the Steelers will target him...if he is there in the third...we definitely take him.

Who I don't want

CJ Spiller...just shoot me and throw me off a bridge if we draft a back up running back with our first round pick. I would rather ish a razor blade than see his name pop up on my TV screen.

Iupati...Guard at 18? Hecks no...especially a guy who had to hold all game long when facing top notch talent. OG is the least important position on the football field and easiest to fill with later round talents. Taking Iupati would be a superb waste of a high draft pick.

Bruce Campbell= Jermaine Stephens...enough said about that.

Trent Williams...whats up with all the OT talk? We have Starks and Colon...I'm ok with that.