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Thread: Well, if everyone else id doing it...

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    Re: Well, if everyone else id doing it...

    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman
    ROUND 4.


    Big, hard nosed LB that brings leadership & a strong work ethic to the team. Very good run defender that can sit & learn behind Farrior for a year before being moved to partner Lawrence Timmons in the middle.

    Johnson possesses a great combination of size, strength and toughness necessary to play linebacker at the next level. Is a highly competitive player who loves being in a phone booth and can really lay a hit. Is a really experienced talent whoís been productive. Is very instinctive against the run. Versatile player who could end up inside or on the strong side in a 3-4.

    He really lacks great pure speed. Has limited range and isnít really a sideline-to-sideline tackler. Isnít overly comfortable in man or zone pass coverage. His ability to be an every down player is questionable because of his coverage shortcomings, but he can rush the passer.
    I originally had Johnson in my mock in the 5th before I switched to Spoon. After watching him at the combine, I think he is at best a 5th. Very stiff and slow to change direction. Hopefully, he is still not 100% from his knee which had an impact on his combine. Might benefit from dropping some weight. Still like the guy but I think he will be a PS player for at least year 1. So I wouldn't want to spend anything earlier than a 6th on him. He needs a solid proday just to get drafted in my opinion.
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    Re: Well, if everyone else id doing it...

    That is truly a well thought out mock draft that merits praise and compliments!
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    Re: Well, if everyone else id doing it...

    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher
    Colon was a 4th rounder in 2006. Essex was a 3rd rounder in 2005.
    That kind of proves my point. Is Colon it in recent memory? Regardless, you are not finding much after the third round is my point. This year's first three picks are going to be very important to future success, IMHO.


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    7.219) Stevie Tu'ikolovatu, DT, USC

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