Here's Chadman's first official MOCK for the Steelers Note- this does not include the ever changing mock found underneath Hines Ward Woman's cute butt)...



Big strong OG that upgrades the interior of the OL, and helps Tomlin & co establish Mr Rooney's desire to improve the running game. Gives the new OL coach Sean Kugler a brand new toy to polish up. Big, long arms, big hands- all helps to stone wall defenders.

Iupati has terrific size for an interior blocker. Plays with a lot of toughness and tenacity. Exhibits outstanding power in the running game and in pass protection. Has very good body control and balance. Possesses great short area quickness and really jolts defenders. Appears to have heavy hands in pass protection.

Lacks adequate speed for the guard position. Must improve his instincts for the game and get better dealing with complex defensive line play. Because of sub-par speed, downfield blocking needs to get better. Struggles to get to the second level in the running game.