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If we tag Hampton in the next couple of weeks as expected we will not take Dan Williams in Round 1. Think more along the lines of Torrell Troup in Round 3.

Once Hampton is tagged eliminate NT as a Round 1 possibility.
I'm not sure I understand your logic. If we tag Hampton that's only a year. Why would we not draft his replacement? Williams is a logical choice unless we sign Hampton to a long term deal.
I didn't say we won't draft his replacement, I just said it won't be in Round 1.

a NT is the cornerstone of the 3-4 defense and with roughly half of all NFL teams expected to play the 3-4 defense next season good NTs will be in great demand and become harder and harder to find.

i agree that we won't draft a NT in the first round if we are able to sign Casey to a long-term contract. if we only franchise Casey then we need to groom our future NT as soon as possible, after all we all know how complicated LeBeau's defense is for a rookie to learn...

and don't forget, Casey Hampton was a first round draft choice himself. the Steelers have shown in the past that they realize the value of a precious commodity like a dominant NT and if they think Dan Williams is just that i can definitely see them pulling the trigger.