3 in a row guys. That is Brady, Warner, and Manning all lost in the big game. For me this is bliss. Not so much with Warner, but with brady and manning, to watch and listen to the pregame hype about how they were going to carve up the opposing defense. to watch mannings world come crashing down. this guys is a straight b. falling to the ground at the first sign of pressure. throwing anybody under the bus, literally pouting when things dont go his way. I know he cried last night. THIS GUY IS A TOTAL ROBOT. HE IS SO MECHANICAL THAT HE WILL THROW THE BALL EVEN IF ITS NOT THERE. defenses are scared of him but whenever a d mans up, he crumbles. hes good if you play passive. way to man up Porter. all of the talking heads had to eat crow. Ron Jaworski's head probably exploded. dilfer and young just looked dumbfounded. i absolutely hate frontrunners.