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Thread: Steelers Game Day Programming: Hulu style

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    Steelers Game Day Programming: Hulu style

    I'm not sure if everyone knows this.

    But offers up all the America's games for past seasons. If you have an Xbox you can stream them to your TV with a program called PlayOn (2 week trial last i checked, it costs 40 bucks but is WORTH it). There's another program called TVersity that does it as well, but i haven't used it.

    Anyway, I just watched the story of the 1974 Steelers.


    I'm gonna watch these all day, I might even skip the Super Bowl tonight.

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    Re: Steelers Game Day Programming: Hulu style

    40 bucks? I plug my laptop into my flatscreen and watch them for free. Maybe the stream quality is better with Xbox but Hulu is free. I wouldn't miss the SB either.. They will be there after the game.


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