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Thread: 43 Superbowls, from worst to first:

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    43 Superbowls, from worst to first:

    CHFF ranks all 43 Superbowls, from worst to best. Sorry, it's too big to post here, but you can check it out through the link. It's a very fun read if you have a few extra minutes.

    Yinz may frown at choice #43 and maybe #14, but we own 5 spots in the top 15 and our 6th win came in at #2!! As big of a homer as I am though, I have to say I agree with #1.

    [url] first.html[/url]

    2. Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23 (Feb. 2009)
    You want big plays? Super Bowl XLII had the biggest: a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown by Pittsburgh linebacker and 2008 Defensive Player of the Year James Harrison.

    You want a great comeback? Super Bowl XLIII a big one: a pair of Kurt Warner to Larry Fitzgerald touchdown passes, including a 64-yarder, that lifted the Cardinals to a late 23-20 lead.

    You want last-second drama? Super Bowl XLIII had it, with Ben Roethlisberger marching the Steelers from his own 12 and then capping it off with a beautiful throw and perhaps an even better catch by Santonio Holmes for the game-winning six-yard touchdown with just 35 seconds to play.

    A furious comeback effort in the final seconds by Warner and the Cardinals ended when Pittsburgh’s Brett Keisel recovered a fumble with five seconds remaining.

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    Re: 43 Superbowls, from worst to first:

    How soon they all forget.

    I'll frown at Choice 43. It wasn't the prettiest, but it was still close into the 4th quarter. I'd list any of the following lower:

    Any 80's SB with the Broncos
    The last three Bills SB's
    Super Bowl V (though I never saw the original, 11 turnovers?)


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    Re: 43 Superbowls, from worst to first:

    Do you know why the Giants, Cheats, Super Bowl has been so popular ?

    Everyone hates the Cheats and wanted to see a bunch of cheats get what they deserved.

    Ever since Bellicheat had his camera lense covered up, they haven't won. Need I say more ?

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    Re: 43 Superbowls, from worst to first:

    Quote Originally Posted by On SB XL
    However, the game was marred by controversial calls by the officials, possibly enough to change the outcome of the game, argued some angry Seahawks fans.


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