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Thread: Has running the ball become passe in NFL?

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    Re: Has running the ball become passe in NFL?

    This whole "NFL is a passing league" makes zero sense to me. Was the forward pass invented this year? WTF? Look at the last 15 SB winners and tell me how many were run heavy offenses?

    It's not a this league or a that league it's a league of matchups. If Peyton hands off more last night they probably win and then what? Do we all run around screaming run more? It has nothing to do with passing vs running. It comes down to your opponents weakness and exploiting it.

    Is it really a passing league when an onside kick and a pick 6 sealed the win?
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    Re: Has running the ball become passe in NFL?

    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz
    It comes down to your opponents weakness and exploiting it.
    Exactly. This is where a balanced attack comes in. If the team you are playing against has corners that cannot cover my grandmother, then you can throw all over them. If you are playing against a team with a sieve for a rush defense, then you run all over them. You adapt. Don't just stubbornly do what you do in an effort to establish some sort of an identity. I frankly don't care whether our offense is considered to have a run mentality or a pass mentality...I want us to be able to either of them when the situation calls for it...that's what I call a winner's mentality.

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    Re: Has running the ball become passe in NFL?

    Wait a minute here, I didn't see a FB leading the way for the Saints running game....


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