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no excuses for our defense, the defensive secondary in particular.

there were times in the 4th quarter when I would see Tyrone Carter, William Gay, Ryan Mundy, Deshea Townsend and Joe Burnett on the field and yell into the television set
"What are they doing out there?", but then realize we had no one else better available.

we need a serious upgrade at the CB spot opposite Ike and some depth at the safety position. the return of Troy will obviously help a lot, but what happens if/when he gets injured? please, please...no more Tyrone Carter!
Woodley was on the radio again yesterday afternoon and repeated that the defense let the team down. He said the offense scored more than enough points but for some reason they couldn't close out games on defense and he didn't know why. It is a concern that someone as close to it as he is still don't know what the problem was. Doesn't bode well for seeing it fixed.

Assuming nothing happens in free agency, the team should look to add 3 DBs in this draft starting in Round 2. Make sure that Tyrone Carter has played his last game for the team would be addition through subtraction.

The reality is that Troy is unlikely to get through a season without playing hurt or missing games. His style of play just doesn't allow him to stay healthy. If we go safety early it should be someone who has the ability to play either free safety or strong safety, e.g. Taylor Mays, as a precaution.

We also have to hope that Burnett and Lewis make a jump this year because we all forget how lucky we are to have Ike and just assume he is never going to get hurt and play at a high level forever.
I don't think that Taylor Mays will be able to play either safety position at the next level very effectively, never mind both (I think he'd be better off bulking up a bit and becoming an uber-athletic linebacker instead).

I think we should draft two safeties...a free safety somewhat early like Earl Thomas in round 1 or Nate Allen in round 2, then a strong safety to back up Troy (a replacement for Carter) in the mid-rounds such as Myron Rolle or Barry Church.