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i saw kyle wilson at 19 in SI Bank's latest mock.

the closer we get to the combine, i think we might see more corners sneak into the 1st round. with the way offenses are throwing the ball, there will always be need.

i dont know if we'll see 3 guys picked for the secondary, but tyco and townsnd shouldn't be back.
clark s a UFA and troy is coming off an injury. bunett and gay are 5th rd picks. not really the guys you count on to lock a position down. if they can help...great. muc more likely they accomplish zero in the pros,

i'll be disappointed if we dont at least take a CB and FS in the draft
You might just be right- and looking at the backgrounds of the Steelers CB's, the idea of drafting Patrick Robinson at #18 doesn't look so bad to Chadman...