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I think that was very tame compared to your response to me. How cerebral can a man be who uses the term pillow biter? It's ok bro...you didn't hurt my feelings. How about we just stick to discussing football and keep the personal ish out of our discussions?
I would like to make a point here. Dispute this if you can.

Using terms such as "pillow-biter", cussing, etc and being cerebral are not mutually exclusive...at all. They actually don't have much to do with one another. If you think I can't say everything I said without such terminology you'd be wrong. If you think only someone that isn't "cerebral" or whatever you're going for here wouldn't use such terminology you'd be wrong...

Don't really see the whole thing about not using some parts of the language when you find them more than satisfactory for what you are using them for...

Oh well.
Except - what does "pillow biter" mean? You don't have to answer if typing it out is just not worth the fuss!

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It's dark in this cave!
Think doggy style...except with 2 men.