Supposed to be on NBC at 12:30. I was hyped and ready. Then my local NBC affiliate decides to show some 700 Club telethon instead.

I tried calling their offices to ask happened to the hockey game that is supposed to be shown nationally, but of course, there is no one in their offices on weekends.

I had to go on and watch the d@mn iso-cams. It was certainly a different perspective only being able to watch certain players instead of following the puck (interestingly, when the Pens iso-cam wasn't on Crosby or Malkin, they tended to follow Mark Letestu more than anyone else for some reason).

I figured at least I would be able to watch the entire shootout, though, but no dice. I was able to see Crosby's goal and both of the Detroit attempts, but instead of showing Letang and Malkin's shootout attempts, they showed Crosby's reaction to those two attempts instead. Still don't know how close Letang was to scoring there, or how Malkin scored to clinch it. Oh well...better than nothing, I suppose.