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Thread: Saints or Colts?

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    Re: Saints or Colts?

    Saints all the way!

    I usually go strictly with the AFC in the SB, but not this year.

    In fact, if the Saints win, I'm writing the following on my back windshield tomorrow:

    "Steeler Nation says:


    Hey, at least I'm working the Steelers in there somehow!

    "18 and D'OH!" ---headline on 2/5/08

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    Re: Saints or Colts?

    Both teams had great seasons and are deserving. Ashame that only one team can win the SB. Part of me would like to see the Colts and the other half wants the Saints. I hope to see a good entertaining game. I will admit that it would be nice to rub the Saints 1st SB win in the face of some Eagles fans.


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