Totally want the Saints to win, but I don't think it's gonna happen. I hate Peyton Manning with every ounce of my football being. Not only will the Pansy not take a hit (he crumbles to the ground without ever being touched when he thinks a defender is coming in on him) but he has the audacity to publically call recievers out if he thinks the rookies run wrong routs, or the linemen don't protect the faberge egg known as Peyton manning. He doesn't care what the coaches tell him to do, he does his own thing, as evidenced by our 2005 game against them, when Dungy called the punt team on towards the end of the third quarter on fourth and three or four in their own territory, but Manning motioned them back on the sideline. If they don't get that first, the game is over going into the fourth quarter, and he will throw someone else under the bus. Don't even get me started on golden boy manning.