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For Wilfork, the franchise tag -- which is a one-year deal -- also means a missed opportunity to gain long-term financial security for his family.

"There's a short window of opportunity for me to make the type of money that I want to make ..." Wilfork said. "I'm not selling my family short and I'm definitely not selling myself short just to stay back and to win and be part of a great organization.
This quote just about makes me sick. I'm fortunate enough to make a good living doing something I love, but am by no means what anyone would consider "rich".

If you assume the average American makes around $50 K per year, these spoiled punks will make WAY more in one season than most regular folks will make in a 30 to 40-year career, and many people will be doing something they don't even enjoy.

Get a freaking clue and STFU, Wilfork.
I share your sentiments but part of me understands Wilfork's comments. I see young guys coming out of school at our company making 80% of what I am making after 25 yrs on the job. I understand the 'salary compression' thing, but if I had some way to make a quantum leap in pay I guess I would take a shot. However, I wouldn't consider it a 'slap in the face' to be a top percentile wage-earner.

You know, I actually wouldn't mind being "slapped in the face" like that...