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James Walker (ESPN)
Cro could be difference-maker

"It would probably require the right draft pick (or picks) for the Browns, Ravens or Steelers to lure Cromartie from San Diego. It's too early at this point to know for sure if AFC North teams are interested. But Cromartie would provide an instant upgrade as a starting cornerback on any of these three aforementioned teams."
That play was terrible but I'm no fool.

I would take a great cover corner over a great tackling corner in a heartbeat. However, this guy is not a great cover corner anymore but he is better then Gay. I would take him if he came cheap though... look at what we have right now and Troy made them look legit in 2008.

Ike, Troy, Cromartie and Clark.. step back for a minute and think about this.:.

Honestly, I would do it... Troy makes everyone better.