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...Do not be surprised if we see a sudden collapse from the Cards. And I'm talking a significant collapse.

Because Warner is easily a top 5 QB, and the real reason behind Whiz's success. And all those people who found themselves pining for Whizenhunt at HC will be left biting their tongues. You watch.
Whis is smart enough to know his goose is cooked when Warner leaves which is why they took Beenie Wells. He is setting up for the offense to devolve into old style "Cowher ball" when Warner hangs it up. Warner is a unique talent who probably reads defenses as well as anyone and gets rid of the ball as fast as any QB I have ever seen.

Anyone who doesn't give him his due is deluding themseleves. He has single handedly carried on his back two franchises who were prerennial losers to the Super Bowl. He showed the league that Fitz had All Pro abilities. Think Fitz gets the attention he gets now if Leinert is QB?

The Cards will have real issues when Warner leaves even playing in the weakest of weak NFC West which has inflated their success rate exponentially. Playing in the NFC West has spotted the Cards 4 or 5 wins each of the last 3 years.
I think Larry Fitzgerald is a freak of nature no matter who his QB is. Fitz plus Johnson & Johnson (Andre and Calvin) are amazingly talented (and surprisingly humble) WR's in a league where we are used to having our star wideouts be insufferable divas.