Time for all the Jimmy the Greeks to come out of hiding and put yourself out there ...

Jets 23 - Colts 20
Once again the #1 D will live up to its reputation. Revis will take away the biggest receiving weapon in Reggie Wayne. It will be just enough to curtail the Colts' scoring. The Jets will use their #1 ground game to limit Manning's opportunities and keep the pressure off of Sanchez. Sanchez won't be in cold weather where most of his problems have manifested.

Vikings 30 - Saints 24
Brees won't be able to have his way with the Minnesota D as their strong run D will enable them to put more attention on stopping the pass. Favre is 40, but playing like he's 26. The Saints' D gets a lot of action by gambling. Favre's experience will limit that. The threat of AP will take the pressure off of Favre and allow him to make good decisions.