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I noticed the discrepancies between the original and the Harris article as well-

But in addition to questioning Harris' agenda- I also question Art Jr's thought process in airing these thoughts to the media. I can't see Dan doing this under any circumstances.

These comments indicate that AR II believes:

- The team does not run the ball either consistently enough, nor successfully enough when it does run.
I'm glad he too noticed this too....

- That Ben is both part of the problem and solution. Recognizing Ben's seeming regression in quick reads.
I'm glad he too noticed this too....

- That the offensive line scheme, while their performance as a unit improved from last season- still may not be best suited for the physical skills of the players on the team.
I'm glad he too noticed this too....

- That the defense's short comings are a reflection of two key injuries to Troy and Arron. Along with the seeming unwillingness and/or inability of the staff to draft and coach the young players to be productive in a shorter period of time.
I hope he too noticed this too....

IMO- what this does- is sets the stage for Art II to fire Tomlin and anybody else he deems fit, should the team not perform up to a level he believes it should in 2010. Art has given MT the rope- and it's up to him to determine how the rope is used.
You lost me on the last one... I think you bought into the article on the fire Tomlin angle. Tomlin isn't going anywhere.. They are going to use this last year to try to save a few 100K.