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Knowing how the Steelers feel about rookies and their current situation...There could be 2 FAs brought in. Possibly a DT if they lose Hampton for depth. They other I think will be done regardless what happens and he might be a starter. If there is an uncapped year the pool is close to empty...But there is one guy out there that could help and be in the Steelers price tag. They need to bring in Leigh Bodden for some competition and to buy some time to bring along the young guys. Bodden will start opposite Taylor and be an upgrade over Gay. He will be 29 after the season starts but he should have some years left. There would be better options if this wasn't going to be an uncapped year but I think the secondary play forced their hand on this one. I would be surprised if they head into camp with only Gay, Lewis, Burnett, Williams, and a drafted rookie to battle it out for the other spot. They will have to pay someone.
I wanted Leigh Bodden last year and I'd bring him in this year to for experience and competition at at CB. We have become so focused on Gay that we forget "what would we do if Ike Taylor got hurt and did a Troy P on us for a season?" Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire
I was for it too. We pretty much are forced to do something now. Gay, Burnett, Lewis "may" become Pro Bowl players sometime in the future...But we don't have a crystal ball. What we do know based upon 2009....We need a capable starter brought in as insurance.[/quote:52i3sh2i]

I will still contend that Burnett will turn out to be very good. I saw too much of him to think any problems last year were anything more than a rookie adjusting to the NFL and probably an overly complicated defense. I always wasn't sure about Lewis and haven't seen anything to change my mind. He may, as some have suggested, be a better Safety down the road.

Last season, I think Gay was just like a boxer who got his bell rung early in a round and never got himself composed after that before getting knocked out. I blame that somewhat on the coaches who should have pulled him or made adjustments schematically before things snowballed and helped rebuild his confidence. Hopefully, he can recover.