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As much as I hate NY, Rex Ryan, Bart Scott, etc. I may have to root for the Jets out of everyone that's left in the playoffs.

I hate the final 4 teams. 3 of them are boring as crap to watch. The Jets at least play a style of football that's fun to watch.

I also could enjoy watching the Vikings without Brett Favre.
I'll be rooting for the other Black and Gold team to bring home their first Lombardi. I don't find anyone in New Orleans that annoys me like Rex Ryan or Brett Favre or Peyton Manning do.

What is so boring about the way the Saints play, by the way? Their reputation is that is only Air Brees all the time, but that is not reality. They were 6th in the league in rushing. On the other hand, we were 19th in rushing. Their defense had 26 interceptions (running back 5 of them for TD's) and 13 fumbles recovered (running back 3 of them for TD's). Our defense had 12 interceptions (running back 2 of them for TD's) and 10 fumbles recovered (running back 1 of them for a TD).

They are able to have an elite passing game, while also balancing that with a solid run game, and make big plays on defense. That's what we should be doing. They have out-Steelered the Steelers, and I am officially jealous of the other team that wears black and gold.
I just have a hard time getting into a Saints game for some reason. They make me want to put a bag over my head or something

I'm not a big Drew Brees fan and think he's overhyped a little a la Favre, Peyton, etc. I think that's what makes them hard to watch for me.