1. I’d call that an almost perfect weekend of football. Perfect weekends of football involve the Steelers winning. The Ravens lose (and blame the refs of course), the Saints win (and who doesn’t love the Saints amiright?), the Cowboys lose (did we ever doubt?) and the Chargers choke. Sour grapes sure are delicious.

2. Boy howdy the Ravens looked like crap again. I can’t emphasize that enough: they looked terrible. Flacco is either having the worst of the Sophomore Jinx or he is starting to show his true abilities (or lack thereof).

3. The clichés were thicker than pea soup all weekend. The commentators couldn’t talk enough about the Cowboys being the “hottest team in the NFC”, the Chargers were the “hottest team in the AFC”, the Ravens and their “awesome defense”, Rex Ryan and his bravado, Brett Favre and his ability to “play the game like a kid” … blah blah blah

4. Speaking of which, if you just love to watch a couple of guys play the game like a couple of kids then you should have been watching the Cowboys and Vikings … actually this is a setup you perv! Chris Hanson will be at your front door momentarily (with a nod to the Sports Pickle).

5. I was driving in today listening to the Stephen A. Smith show (it was on accident I promise). Smith was talking to some nob about QBs and Rivers and his class came up. The nob mentioned that Rivers hasn’t done anything but he still considers him the best of the class. Now that’s enough to make me want to kick a puppy but guess what Smith’s response was: “Eli already has a ring.” And then he backs up his point with the notion that Eli didn’t have much of a team and did it all on his own.

6. I have ZERO sympathy for the Chargers or their fans. I will never forgive them for beating the steelers in the ’95 championship game and then rolling over and trying to get their bellies scratched by the 49ers in the Super Bowl. That and they live in San Diego (a.k.a. paradise). You can’t have Super Bowls San Diego! Not yours!

7. So it is with glee every year that I watch the snot-nosed punk Phillip “Mr. December” Rivers get bounced from the playoffs early. I don’t doubt that next year the Stephen A. Smiths of the world will, in an attempt to sound wise and knowledgeable, take Rivers over Ben but in the meantime it’s Schadenfreude weekend at my house.

8. And Tony Romo … every year we listen to how Mr. November is going to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl and every year we get to tell them we told you so. It’s like the non-lottery players making fun of people who buy lottery tickets but frankly the people buying lottery tickets have a much better chance of winning millions of dollars than Romo has of ever taking a team to the Lombardi trophy.

9. Every commentator in speaking of the Cowboys defeat made the following excuse for Romo: He was running for his life! He was sacked 6 times! I watched that game and what I saw wasn’t anything that Ben typically overcomes in any given game. But the sports mouths will line up to make excuses for Rivers and Romo and wax eloquently on why they would take either of them over Ben.

10. Have you noticed a trend to my comments here? Ben is underrated.

11. So where do they go from here? I think the Saints-Vikings game comes down to whether or not Favre has a meltdown. I’m looking for the Saints to come in flat so if Favre gets rolling it could make for another boring playoff game.

12. Jets-Colts … the Colts defense looked dang good against the Ravens but who doesn’t? Clearly the better defense is the Jets. Clearly the better offense is the Colts. I’m looking for Sanchez to finally collapse and the Colts to win.

13. My rooting interest is basically gone from the playoffs now so meh on the rest of it.