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Wow.....sure wish the Steelers had drafted Ed Reed way back when. And Adrian Peterson too. Oh, and Jake Long. And Andre Johnson.

The problem IS NOT that the Steelers drafted Timmons in Round 1.

The problem IS NOT that the Steelers leaked info on wanting Revis.

The problem is, after missing on Revis, in every subsequent draft, they have not found a CB to do the job opposite Ike Taylor. It could be a by-product of 'Drafting Best Player Available', or poor evaluation of rookies, or poor evaluation of current roster players.

Regardless, if the Steelers had picked up 1 CB (Aqib Talib anyone?) of note, then we wouldn't keep hearing the bitching & moaning about 'missing Revis & getting Timmons'.

Don't be hating Timmons because he isn't Revis.
We seem to miss a lot on positions of need. Go check the draft history on CB, WR, LB, and curiously, TE. Only reason we aren't totally barren in the LB department is we used a first and second round pick on two LB'ers. I suspect the only way we come across a stud CB is to use a first rounder on one. Ike is the best we have and he has major holes (zone coverage).

Steelers would be wise to start trading away all their day 3 picks for all Day 2 picks.