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Watching the Jets move on, when our D has been at times during the year as good as theirs was today (Green Bay, Minnesota...).
The Packer game was an example of our defense being as good as the Jets (the top defense in the league this year)??? Aaron Rodgers threw for 383 yards with 3 passing TD's plus he had another rushing TD in that game. The Packers scored 36 points, and we only won because of a Ben-to-Wallace TD at the buzzer that was reminiscent of Ben-to-Santonio in SBXLIII. Not our best defensive effort. That was an offensive win.
Yeah, my bad, I was thinking Minnesota, somehow got the Green Bay game mixed in there. We did hold them to under 60 yards rushing, THAT must have been what stuck in my mind
They ran 5 times... and their last play was a 25 yard TD. There was nothing worth remembering about the D in that game. Ben to Wallace... That is all