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Lewis was deserving.
I think it's laughable for a coach to under achive for 3 to 4 years and get this award for finally playing to the talent level they have.
How exactly did we have a high talent level? Look at all the players that have left the Bengals who were "starters"/key backup players on our team but not even backup worthy on others.

Caleb Miller - Who started several games at LB isn't in the NFL anymore.

Keiwan Ratliff - Our #3 CB and started several games because Johnathan Joseph had injury issues was cut by several teams. He wasn't even good enough to last in your secondary this season.

Landon Johnson - Starting LB for us and our leading tackler for two seasons is a backup in Carolina and barely holding on to a roster spot.

Chris Perry - Our starting RB heading into 2008, not in the NFL anymore.

Rudi Johhnson - Not in the NFL anymore

Levi Jones - Our "Franchise" LT devastated by knees injuries after the 2005 season, can barely make a team anymore. Yet was our starter at LT up until this season.

Stacy Andrews - The "Franchise" RT can't break the Eagles starting lineup, yet was our starter last season at RT.

Tab Perry, Tony Stewart, Deltha O'Neal, John Thornton, Kyle Larson. I can go on and go about the "talent" that this team had the past couple of seasons.

Also if we were soooo loaded then why did we have 8 rookies this season seeing significant playing time this season? Andre Smith, Rey Maualuga, Michael Johnson, Kevin Huber, Morgan Trent, Tom Nelson, Quan Cosby and Bernard Scott.

The team this season had some talent on Defense, but previous seasons we have had some horrible players starting...