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Marvin sucked it up in the playoff game, but during the regular season he did a great job.

Rex Ryan did great in the postseason but I think he lost his chance at being COY when the Colts and Bengals rested their players. Jets might have still been able to beat both teams (Definitely us), but I think that ended his bid for COY.

I would have given it to Sean Payton though, I thought he deserved it...
What did Marvin do?

Zimmer fixed the D. In all the years Marvin (former D coordinator) has been there, the D hasn't really played very well. Now Zimmer comes in, and they play lights out. Marvin should give the award to Zimmer (and perhaps the oline coach). Anyone could see they would not last long in the playoffs.

Ryan started a rookie QB and made the playoffs. That is a huge accomplishment. Ryan also breathed new life into that defense and put a great staff together.

Ryan is a motivator of men. Marvin Lewis is a nice guy.