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So if we are a win ugly grind it out team, why do we throw the ball 42 times against the browns in december?
If we're not built to have a 4,000 yd passer then why do we throw the ball so much?
if we are built for power running and play action why is that not a part of our offense?
if our QB is the best in the league at being outside the pocket and making things happen, why are there no bootlegs or the like in our packages?
Ben is the best when he breaks the pocket.. He isn't the best roll out passer or bootleg passer.... they are 2 different things. How the hell would Ben get outside the pocket if you roll it... if anything you cut off half the field rolling him out and give the D a break.

We tried to run bootlegs but they didn't work.. the unblocked guy didn't bite on the fake and it was an easy sack. Maybe Ben didn't sell it enough...

Jake the Snake was a great bootleg passer.

I have watched every single snap of every game over Ben's career.....when has this occurred? I remember maybe one or two times???? Not trying to be a joker....dead serious....
In 2008 we ran what appeared to be a play action bootleg but the DE never bit and by the time Ben turned he was dead in the water. It never worked but we ran it a lot. It always left Ben one on one with a DE or LB who didn't bite on it. It was a terrible play and thank goodness we scrapped it.[/quote:3qp1ig45]

Yeah another genius call by (insert playcaller BA or Ben here) . If I recall, it was like a 4th and 2 play from the 50 and a bootleg was called...I think we lost that game. Of all the plays to run in that situation...I really think I would've rather saw the empty backfield 5 WR set than run a naked bootleg.